Cryo-SFM Freezing Medium, PromoCell

Supplier: Promocell
C-29910 C-29912
10172-412EA 73.93 CAD
10172-412 10172-414
Cryo-SFM Freezing Medium, PromoCell
Cell Freezing Media
The PromoCell Freezing Medium Cryo-SFM is an animal component-free, chemically defined medium with DMSO, methylcellulose, and other cryoprotective components developed for the cryopreservation of human and animal primary cells

Note Each freeze/thaw cycle leads to a loss in proliferation potential and cell number, particularly when working with fragile primary cells. If freezing the cells, please do so at as low a passage number as possible.

Recommended for Human Primary Cells, Animal Primary Cells, Established Cell Lines, Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, Embryonic Stem Cells

It ensures high cell viability, excellent growth rates, and good attachment of the cells after thawing. The medium is the first choice for all types of primary cells and cell lines.
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