Monocyte Attachment Medium, PromoCell

Supplier: PromoCell
10172-398EA 273.25 CAD
Monocyte Attachment Medium, PromoCell
Cell Separation Media
The Monocyte Attachment Medium allows for the efficient adherence selection of Monocytes from freshly isolated Mononuclear Cells (MNC) while maintaining optimal cell health

Recommended for Human Mononuclear Cells, freshly isolated

Thus, the time-consuming and costly immunomagnetic purification of monocytes can be skipped. With properly performed washing steps (see Instruction Manual) large numbers of 80-90% pure monocytes can be obtained with the PromoCell Monocyte Attachment Medium. Typical applications are generation of dendritic cells / macrophages as well as phagocytosis assays.

Ordering information: The Medium is ready-to-use and does not need further supplementation.
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