Angled Two Neck Round Bottom Flask, Kimble Chase

Supplier: DWK Life Sciences (KIMBLE)
294990-0010 294990-0500 294990-0050 605020-0610 605020-2924 605020-1024 605020-2224 295010-0100 605020-0624 605020-1824 295010-0250 295010-0050 294990-0025 295000-0025 605020-2624 605020-1524 294990-0250 294990-0100 294990-0015 605020-0210 605020-1424 295010-0025 605020-0224
KT294990-0010CS 141.72 CAD
KT294990-0010 KT294990-0500 KT294990-0050 KT605020-0610 KT605020-2924 KT605020-1024 46200-650 KT295010-0100 KT605020-0624 KT605020-1824 KT295010-0250 KT295010-0050 KT294990-0025 KT295000-0025 KT605020-2624 KT605020-1524 KT294990-0250 KT294990-0100 KT294990-0015 KT605020-0210 KT605020-1424 KT295010-0025 KT605020-0224
Angled Two Neck Round Bottom Flask, Kimble Chase
Flasks Round Bottom Flasks
Distilling round bottom flask with angled side neck

Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements.

Two-neck flask with Standard Taper outer joints. Side neck is angled.
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