Reagent Bottles, MilliporeSigma

Supplier: MilliporeSigma
1.10647.0001 1.10391.0001 1.10393.0001 1.10392.0001 1.10646.0001 1.10647.0001 1.13313.0001 1.10394.0001 1.10394.0001 1.13314.0001 1.10188.0001 1.13314.0001 1.10178.0001 1.10646.0001 1.10178.0001 1.10390.0001 1.10392.0001 1.10390.0001 1.13313.0001 1.10391.0001 1.10393.0001 1.10188.0001
CA1.10392.0001EA 221.36 CAD
CA1.10392.0001 EM1.13314.0001 EM1.10394.0001 CA1.10646.0001 CA1.10188.0001 EM1.10178.0001 EM1.13313.0001 CA1.10390.0001 CA1.10393.0001 EM1.10391.0001 EM1.10646.0001 EM1.10647.0001 EM1.10188.0001 CA1.13314.0001 CA1.10391.0001 EM1.10393.0001 CA1.10647.0001 EM1.10390.0001 CA1.13313.0001 EM1.10392.0001 CA1.10178.0001 CA1.10394.0001
Reagent Bottles, MilliporeSigma
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We offer a big variety of packaging materials like empty bottles and containers for your own preparations and mixtures of our reagents.

Our specially developed safety carrier provides an increased protection against glass breakage. The solvent-resistant materials and the high compression strength of the inlay maximize the protection of 4-L-glass-bottles from us during transportation. The high inner volume (20 L) and the leak proof top cover protect against the contact with solvents and vapours in case of glass breakage.

Ordering information: Bottles are packaged in UN-approved transport boxes.
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