Extran® AP 22 Acid Rinse with Citric Acid for Automatic Washing, MilliporeSigma

Supplier: MilliporeSigma
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Extran® AP 22 Acid Rinse with Citric Acid for Automatic Washing, MilliporeSigma
Cleaning Agents Detergents and Surface Cleansers
Extran® AP 22 is an acidic special cleaner which can be used both as a prewash agent and a rinsing agent with a neutralising effect. When used as a pre-wash agent, it primarily 0dissolves carbonates and hydroxides from the residues. Protein substances and organic bases, such as amines, are often removed better in an acidic prewash as in an alkaline main wash cycle.

  • Acidic pre-wash and neutralisation agent with a citric acid base

As a rinsing agent, i.e. after the alkaline main wash cycle, it is especially suitable for removing remaining traces of alkali on the cleaned material or, in the case of solution carry-over, for neutralisation. This acidic cleaning agent is also well suited to the removal of calcareous deposits in the washing machine.The product is recommended for cases in which gentle conditions must be maintained for particular reasons. Particularly suitable for the gentle removal of calcareous deposits, e.g. on taps or sensitive metal and glass surfaces.

For routine laboratory applications, no scrubbing is necessary once items are removed from the cleaning bath. For best results, items to be cleaned should be soaked for 2 to 24 hours, and rinsed with distilled water immediately after removal from cleaning bath.

Added automatically using a dosing device or manually.
The concentration for use is around 0.1–0.3%, i.e. 10–30 mL Extran® AP 22 are used for around 10 L of water

Free acid (as citric acid) 32.0–35.0%
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