Liquid (Column) Chromatography

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Liquid (Column) Chromatography
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How Do Compounds Exit the Column?

  • Classic AP Chemistry Experiment
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The mixture to be analyzed by column chromatography is applied to the top of the column. The liquid solvent (the eluent) is passed through the column by gravity or by the application of air pressure. Equilibrium is established between the solute adsorbed on the adsorbent and the eluting solvent flowing down through the column. Because the different components in the mixture have different interactions with the stationary and mobile phases, they will be carried along with the mobile phase to varying degrees and a separation will be achieved. The individual components, or elutants, are collected as the solvent drips from the bottom of the column.

Ordering information: Kit includes Isopropyl Alcohol, Silica Gel, Dye Mixture, Pipettes, and Glass Wool.
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