Ward's® Chemistry Elephants Toothpaste Demonstration

Supplier: Ward's
470219-568EA 56.9 CAD
Ward's® Chemistry Elephants Toothpaste Demonstration
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Chromatography Learning Activities
The Tube of Toothpaste Demo takes the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to a new level by adding soap and food coloring.

  • Kit Shows the Production of Oxygen
  • Colorful Demonstration
  • Topics Include Catalysts, Gas Volume, and Properties of Oxygen

The oxygen and heat are trapped in a rapidly expanding foam column that flows out of the tube. Using a glowing splint to “ignite” the bubbles demonstrates the production of pure oxygen gas.

By observing this colorful and crazy demonstration, students learn about catalysts, decomposition reactions, exothermic reactions, gas volume, and the properties of oxygen.
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