Osmium catalyst supported on magnetite 0.07 - 0.09 mmol/g

Supplier: TCI America

TCO0414-1GEA 500.86 CAD
Osmium catalyst supported on magnetite 0.07 - 0.09 mmol/g
Osmium catalyst supported on magnetite

Form: Crystals
Color: Black

Product Categories: Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Functional Group Transformation and Introducing Reaction, Metal Catalysts for Organic Synthesis
Application: Collectable and Recyclable Oxidation Osmium Catalyst supported on Magnetite

Collectable with a magnet after use
Effectively collectable and environment-friendly
Comparable catalytic activity with a naked osmium oxide
Useful for catalytic oxidation of olefins and so on

An osmium oxide is usually toxic and difficult to handle in an experiment. This product overcomes this problem and its catalytic activity is comparable to a naked osmium oxide. One can easily collect this osmium catalyst after use by using a magnet, and it is highly recyclable as well. Using this catalyst is environment-friendly because we can reduce the amount of osmium waste. This osmium catalyst catalyzes various oxidations of olefins as usual.


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Loading 0.07 to 0.09 mmol/g

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