Mouse Recombinant RELMalpha (from E. coli)

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Mouse Recombinant RELMalpha (from E. coli)
Proteins and Peptides
RELMα belongs to a unique family of tissue-specific cytokines termed FIZZ (found in inflammatory zone) and RELM. The four known members of this family, resistin, RELMα, RELMβ, and RELMγ, are 85-94 amino acid, secreted proteins sharing a conserved C-terminal domain, characterized by 10 cysteine residues with a unique spacing motif of C-X11-C-X8-C-X-C-X3-C-X10-C-X-C-X-C-X9-C-C. RELMα and resistin are secreted exclusively by adipocytes, while RELMβ is expressed in the epithelium of the colon and small bowel. The physiological role and molecular targets of RELMα are still unknown. Recombinant Murine RELMα is a 10.0 kDa monomeric protein containing 89 amino acid residues.

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