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B-4110.0001BAEA 1126.16 CAD
B-4110.0001BA B-4110.0005BA
Proteins and Peptides
Derivative of a stable sulfotyrosine mimic suitable for Fmoc-SPPS. The lateral trichloroethyl (Tce) group is cleaved by hydrogenolysis (H₂/Pd in the presence of ammonium formate).

Bachem offers a considerable choice of ring-substituted phenylalanines, protected derivatives of: p-Aminophenylalanine p-Azidophenylalanine p-Benzoylphenylalanine p-Biphenylalanine p-Bromophenylalanine p-t-Butylphenylalanine p-Carboxyphenylalanine p-Chlorophenylalanine p-Cyanophenylalanine 3,4-Dichlorophenylalanine Fluorophenylalanines p-Iodophenylalanine p-Methylphenylalanine p-Nitrophenylalanine p-Phosphonophenylalanine. p-Methoxy- and p-ethoxyphenylalanine derivatives are listed in the Tyr family, whereas β,β-diphenylalanine derivatives can be found in the "β-Substituted Alanines" family.
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