Human Atrial Natriuretic Factor 1-28 Trifluoroacetate

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Human Atrial Natriuretic Factor 1-28 Trifluoroacetate
Proteins and Peptides
ANP/ANF is synthesized in cardiac myocytes and is primarily released in response to atrial wall stretching and intravascular volume expansion. The peptide signals via the guanylate cyclase-linked natriuretic peptide receptor A (NPR-A) and plays an important role in blood pressure regulation and blood volume homeostasis. ANP/ANF exerts vasodilatory, diuretic, natriuretic, anti-inflammatory, antifibrotic and antimitogenic effects. As BNP, ANP stimulates lipolysis in adipocytes. Millucci et al. studied the aggregation behavior of αANP, which may play a role in congestive heart failure.
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