Anti-SSEA5 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (DyLight® 550) [clone: 8E11]

Supplier: Pierce Biotechnology

CAPIMA1144D550EA 1710.95 CAD
Anti-SSEA5 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (DyLight® 550) [clone: 8E11]
Immunofluorescence of MA1-144-D550 shows positive staining of SSEA-5 in human embryonal carcinoma NCCIT cells. Stage-Specific Embryonic Antigen-5 (SSEA-5) is an oligosaccharide that can be part of glycosphingolipids and glycoproteins. It contains the motif Fuc1-2Gal-beta1-3GlcNAc-beta, which is characteristic of H-1 antigens. SSEA-5 is found in the inner cell mass of the human blastocyst during embryogenesis, on undifferentiated human embryonic stem cells and on the surface of induced pluripotent cells. SSEA-5 was found to proceed the loss of other known stem cell markers and the combination of SSEA-5 with either CD9 and CD90 or CD50 and CD200 was superior in identifying and eliminating rare undifferentiated human ES cells from differentiated cell populations than the use of other established stem cell markers.

Recommended Dilutions: Immunofluorescence: 1:10-1:100, Immunocytochemistry: 1:10-1:100

Type: Primary
Antigen: SSEA5
Clonality: Monoclonal
Clone: 8E11
Conjugation: DyLight® 550
Host: Mouse
Isotype: IgG1 kappa
Reactivity: Human
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