Pierce™ Protein G Agarose, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Pierce™ Protein G Agarose, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Protein Purification Protein Purification Resins
Thermo Scientific Pierce Protein G and Protein G Plus Agarose is a premium-quality affinity resin for antibody purification.

  • Ideal for polyclonal IgG purification from mouse, human, cow, goat, and sheep serum, including human IgG3 and mouse IgG1 isotypes
  • Agarose resin support is crosslinked 6% beaded agarose (CL-6B)
  • Protein G made by charge-free, leach-resistant covalent bonds, resulting in low nonspecific binding and enabling multiple uses without decline in yield
  • Standard capacity beads with a normal load of immobilized Protein G

Pierce Protein G Agarose consists of recombinant Protein G that has been covalently immobilized onto high-quality crosslinked 6% beaded agarose (CL-6B). This particular variety of the affinity resin provides the most versatile combination of chromatographic features for high yield and high purity purification of whole IgG from mammalian serum samples. The agarose beads have physical and chemical properties suitable for many affinity purification systems.

Delivery information: Product is shipped at ambient temperature.

Caution: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Store product at 4 °C.
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