Pierce™ TMTsixplex™ Protein Quantitation Kit and Label Reagent Sets, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific
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CAPI90063EA 3812.52 CAD
PI90064 PI90065 PI90062 PI90063 PI90060 PI90061 CAPI90063 CAPI90062 CAPI90061 CAPI90060 CAPI90066 CAPI90065 CAPI90064 CAPI90068 PI90068 PI90066
Pierce™ TMTsixplex™ Protein Quantitation Kit and Label Reagent Sets, Thermo Scientific
Protein Extraction Protein Extraction Kits
Pierce™ TMT™ Isobaric Mass Tagging kits and reagents enable multiplex quantitation of proteins extracted from cells and tissues using tandem mass spectrometry

  • Ideal for quantitative analysis of proteins for which no antibodies are available
  • Used in identification and quantitation of membrane and post-translationally modified proteins

Each mass-tagging reagent within a set has the same nominal mass (ie. isobaric) and chemical structure composed of an amine-reactive NHS-ester group, a spacer arm and an MS/MS reporter. The reagent sets can be used to label two or six peptide samples prepared from cells or tissues. For each sample, a unique reporter in the low mass region of the MS/MS spectrum (ie. 126-127 Da for TMTduplex and 126-131 Da for TMTsixplex Isobaric Label Reagents) is used to measure relative protein expression levels during peptide fragmentation.

The Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) reagent family consists of TMTduplex and TMTsixplex sets which are specially designed to enable a rapid and cost-effective transition from method development to high-throughput protein quantitation.

Delivery information: Kits are supplied as standalone sets or in optimized kit formats containing all necessary reagents and controls for maximum flexibility.

Caution: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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