Tuning Fork, Aluminum Alloy, OR Grade, Sklar

Supplier: Sklar
67-7605 67-7512 67-7256 67-7548 67-7128 67-7064 67-7524
10193-528EA 81.43 CAD
10193-528 10198-460 10193-670 10198-454 10198-456 10193-530 10198-458
Tuning Fork, Aluminum Alloy, OR Grade, Sklar
Sklar tuning forks are a two-tine, U-shaped instrument made of aluminum alloy used to examine and evaluate multiple medical conditions in both traditional and alternative medicine.

  • Unweighted forks are used with the ears and around the body
  • Weighted forks are typically used to address physical issues

Traditionally tuning forks have been used to examine hearing and evaluate neurological disorders. Today they are used to promote relaxation, relieve pain, and improve mental and physical balance. Tuning forks are available in multiple frequencies and are commonly stamped with a note and frequency where the base of the tines meet the handle. Some tuning forks are weighted and have a round weight at the end of each tine.
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