Vu2 Union® Connectors, Restek

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Vu2 Union® Connectors, Restek
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Restek’s Vu2 Union® connector combines the simplicity of a Press-Tight® union with the strength of a metal union.

  • Open design allows visual confirmation of seal
  • Connector can be hung from column cage to minimize stress on the connections
  • Simple, reliable, easy-to-use solution for connection needs

A Press-Tight® union in the Vu2 Union® connector joins the fused silica tubing ends together; the ferrule and knurled nut at each end of the connector hold the tubing in place via a secondary seal between the ferrule and the Press-Tight® union. Each knurled nut applies independent pressure to each ferrule to make leak-tight seals with the column ends. These ultra-strong connections will not unexpectedly disconnect under temperature changes, vibrations, or other stresses normally encountered in GC analyses.

Ordering information: Kits include: Vu2 Union® body, two knurled nuts, two Press-Tight® unions, and four ferrules.

Note: This product is not recommended for GC column-to-MS connections.
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