Septa for SRI GCs, with a Heated Inlet, Restek

Supplier: Restek
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10058-020PK 291.72 CAD
10058-020 10058-018
Septa for SRI GCs, with a Heated Inlet, Restek
Restek Thermolite® septa are compatible with differing internal diameters depending on vial size, and functional temperatures differ between models.

  • Usable to 340 °C inlet temperature
  • Precision molding assures consistent, accurate fit
  • Excellent puncturability
  • Preconditioned and ready to use

These septa are available in a range of sizes for use with a variety of vials.

Packaging: Packaged in ultra-clean blister packs.

Caution: Note: Due to differences in inlet design, the actual septum temperature for a given inlet setpoint can vary by manufacturer. Restek recommends using only BTO® septa in Thermo TRACE and Focus® GCs. For 17 mm inlets, the maximum temperature is 330 °C. For all injectors, minimum recommended operating temperature for BTO® septa is 250 °C.
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