Avantor® J.T. Baker® BAKERBOND® Wide-Pore Prep Packings

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7207-00 BAKR7269-05 BAKR7269-03 7191-02 7133-R 7191-05 BAKR7369-02 7269-05 7369-02 7269-02 BAKR7137-R BAKR7472-01 7137-R BAKR7179-05 BAKR7191-05 7269-03 BAKR7269-02 7472-01 BAKR7207-00 BAKR7133-R BAKR7157-02 BAKR7191-02 BAKR7183-02
CAJT7207-0EA 1829.72 CAD
CAJT7207-0 JT7269-5 JT7269-03 CAJT7191-2 CAJT7133-R CAJT7191-5 JT7369-2 CAJT7269-5 CAJT7369-2 CAJT7269-2 JT7137-R JT7472-01 CAJT7137-R JT7179-5 JT7191-5 CAJT7269-03 JT7269-2 CAJT7472-01 JT7207-0 JT7133-R JT7157-2 JT7191-2 JT7183-2
Avantor® J.T. Baker® BAKERBOND® Wide-Pore Prep Packings
Chromatography Sorbents HPLC Sorbents
Wide-Pore butyl (C4) chromatographic media is made by covalently bonding butyl ligands to pure silica gel using a proprietary process to optimize separation efficiency, capacity and stability.

  • Fully polymeric bonding
  • Uniform distribution of ligands
  • High ligand density, separation efficiency and capacity
  • Increased stability of ligands

Every lot of this material is tested according to the specifications listed. All tests are intended to maintain purity and stability, ligand density and performance. The purity and stability tests include turbidity, color of methanol extract and extraction residue. The relative carbon content, surface coverage and average particle size determine ligand density, separation capability and efficiency. The liquid chromatographic use tests report actual separation performance of the chromatographic media for small molecules and proteins. A produced lot must meet all specification criteria before it is released for sale. This material is suitable for separation and purification of small to large molecules by reverse phase or hydrophobic interaction mechanism. In particular, it is most suitable for semi-prep to process scale separation/purification of large molecules such as synthetic peptides and proteins with a molecular weight of greater than 8000 Daltons due to large pore size, narrow pore size distribution and high porosity.
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