VWR® 12" Test Sieves, Intermediate Height, All Stainless Steel

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
1/4"SS12I 60SS12I 230SS12I 20SS12I 80SS12I 8SS12I
47730-438EA 825.23 CAD
47730-438 47730-434 47730-420 47730-394 47730-450 47730-408
VWR® 12" Test Sieves, Intermediate Height, All Stainless Steel
Sieves Test Sieves
VWR® 12" Diameter (304.8 mm ) all stainless steel test sieves are durable and ideal for sieving applications where a larger sample size is required.

  • Intermediate Height (2") sieves
  • Highly durable
  • Ideal for sieving applications requiring a larger sample size
  • Stainless steel construction

Each sieve bears a traceable serial number and comes with a certificate of compliance verifying the sieve was made in compliance to the current ASTM E11 and ISO 3310 specifications. Sieve pans, sieve covers, sieve brushes, and Centerline® sieve inspection or calibration certificates are available as accessories.

Certifications: Each serialized sieves comes with a dated ASTM E11 Certificate of Compliance.

Accessories information: Pans are available in half height (1-5/8") or full height (31/4") formats, in brass or stainless steel. Pans with extended rims can be used for running multiple tests simultaneously. Sieve brushes are available in a variety of options, with brush head coarseness and handle design and construction being major decision factors.

Ordering information: Sieves are available in half height (15/8"), intermediate height (2") or full height (31/4"). Sieve height/depth is measured from the frame rim to the sieve cloth. Sieve Certification, Pans, and Covers must be ordered separately.
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