SP Wilmad-LabGlass All-Glass Filter Apparatus, SP Industries

Supplier: SP Industries
BP-1781-000 BP-1825-000 BP-1826-000 BP-1828-000 BP-1781-092 BP-1825-004 BP-1825-002 BP-1825-090 BP-1826-090 BP-1827-000 BP-1771-000 BP-1827-004
14203-422EA 402.92 CAD
14203-422 14204-504 14204-652 14204-740 14204-760 14205-742 14206-258 14207-686 14207-958 14209-536 14210-498 14209-410
SP Wilmad-LabGlass All-Glass Filter Apparatus, SP Industries
Funnels Filtration Funnels Filtration Apparatus Glass
Choose from 47mm or 90mm microfiltration FILTERWARE™ all-borosilicate glass filter apparatus consisting of a graduated funnel, a Standard Taper 40/35 glass joint connecting the coarse fritted filter support base to the filter flask, and an aluminum clamp (BP-1753).

  • Use for HPLC mobile phase filtration, analysis of particulate or bacterial contamination, or for general laboratory microfiltration

Note: Components of 47mm apparatus are interchangeable with the corresponding components of other manufacturer's items and can be used with filtering manifolds.
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