illustra NAP Columns, Cytiva

Supplier: Cytiva
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illustra NAP Columns, Cytiva
Chromatography Columns
NAP Columns are disposable columns, prepacked with Sephadex G-25 DNA Grade, that require only gravity to run.

  • For rapid and efficient purification of DNA and oligonucleotides (10-mers) in less than 15 min by gravity flow
  • Prepacked with Sephadex G-25 DNA Grade in distilled water containing 0.15% Kathon CG/ICP Biocide
  • Available in three sizes depending on sample volume: 0.5 ml (NAP-5), 1 ml (NAP-10) or 2.5 ml (NAP-25)
  • Useful for small-scale purification, desalting and buffer exchange

Delivery information: Each package includes a complete step-by-step protocol describing the fixed volumes needed for equilibration, washing and sample elution.
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