MPure™ Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit, MP Biomedicals

Supplier: MP Biomedicals
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MPure™ Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit, MP Biomedicals
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The MPure Viral Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit is used with the MPure-12 instrument for the extraction of high quality viral DNA and RNA from serum, plasma or cell-free body fluids of 100 µL - 400 µL using proven magnetic particle separation technology.

  • Proven for viral nucleic acids isolation of HIV, HCV, HBV, CMV and EBV, influenza viruses from plasma and serum and cell-free body fluids
  • Ready-to-use prelled reagent cartridge
  • Uniquely designed magnetic bead processing chamber providing the highest quality results and efficient removal of inhibitors
  • High-quality Viral DNA/RNA for downstream application

Nucleic acids extracted can be used in a number of downstream applications including: PCR, qPCR, Sequencing (NGS), Microarray, RFLP, Southern Blot Analysis.

Packaging: Kit contains Reagent Cartridge: 48 pieces, Reaction Chamber: 48 pieces, Tip Holder: 48 pieces, Filter Tip: 50 pieces, Piercing Pin: 50 pieces, 1.5 mL Elute Tube: 50 pieces, RLA Buffer: 100 mL, Proteinase K solution: 10 µL, Barcode Paper and Selection Guide. Reagent Cartridge Contents: Binding Buffer 2: 4 x 750 µL, Magnetic Bead Solution: 800 µL, Washing Buffer 2A: 800 µL, Washing Buffer 5: 800 µL, Elution Buffer: 800 µL

Caution: Store at room temperature (15-25°C). Do not freeze the reagent cartridges. The Kits are stable for 12 months under these conditions. After dissolving the carrier RNA, store it at 4°C (short-term, up to 1 month) or -20°C (long-term). Do not freeze–thaw the Frozen carrier RNA more than 3 times.
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