COD Digestion vials, VWR Chemicals BDH®

Supplier: VWR Chemicals BDH®
CABDH0403-150 BDH0400-25 CABDH0403-25 BDH0401-25 BDH0400-150 CABDH0402-150 CABDH0402-25 BDH0403-150 BDH0401-150 BDH0402-25 CABDH0400-25 CABDH0400-150 BDH0403-25 CABDH0401-25 BDH0402-150 CABDH0401-150
CABDH0401-25PK 50.91 CAD
CABDH0401-25 CABDH0402-25 CABDH0403-25 CABDH0401-150 CABDH0400-25 CABDH0403-150 BDH0403-150 BDH0401-150 BDH0402-25 CABDH0400-150 BDH0400-25 BDH0401-25 BDH0403-25 BDH0402-150 CABDH0402-150 BDH0400-150
COD Digestion vials, VWR Chemicals BDH®
Environmental Test Kits
BDH COD Vials used in determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

  • Easy to Use
  • Mercuric formulation follows EPA approved method
  • Low Range, High Range, and Mercury Free High Range

Vials contain premeasured digestion reagents suited to your expected range of COD, so there is no measuring of harmful chemicals- simply add your sample to the vial and digest.

Caution: The vials contain hazardous chemicals, typically corrosive, acute toxic and irritant. GHS signal word: Danger
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