Wallcur® PRACTI- Labels

Supplier: Wallcur
9916VML 9941PHN 9907EPN 9929AMP 9917MGF 9950ANF 9946CFR 9925DXM 9943FLZ 9902PHE 9922RGL 9927PCN 9928FLZ 9931AMR 9940DPN 9926LMR 9938MRP 9901RL 9918MGF 9919DPM 9201PB 9202SB 9906NDE 9913HMV 9935NTR 9903NAR 9100HEP 9920ADN 9936MDZ 9923LSX 9910VAS 9947CTX 9932DEX 9921TRD 9914HLK 9949ZTY 9937MHC 9904MET 9939VAS 9924VLM 9934THN 9909VTK 9930NBN 9908DLD 9933FUR 9945CFX 9905SUP
470233-118PK 29.49 CAD
470233-118 470233-132 470233-110 470233-154 470233-176 470233-134 470233-156 470233-112 470233-178 470233-158 470233-136 470233-114 470233-138 470233-116 470233-190 470233-094 470233-170 470233-192 470233-096 470233-194 470233-150 470233-172 470233-098 470233-152 470233-130 470233-174 470233-108 470233-188 470233-144 470233-122 470233-166 470233-146 470233-168 470233-124 470233-126 470233-148 470233-128 470233-180 470233-182 470233-160 470233-184 470233-162 470233-140 470233-120 470233-164 470233-142 470233-186
Wallcur® PRACTI- Labels
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
Label Your Existing Vials!

  • Pre-Printed Labels Showing Name And Concentrations
  • Appropriately Sized For The Most Common Containers Used
  • Contains Warnings Calling Out That The Contents Are For Training Only

Customize your labs ability to train using these peel and stick labels. These are the same labels used to label the PRACTI- line of simulated products. Each pack contains 100 labels so you can adjust the mix of options available in your lab. Each label also contains a barcode, so you can incorporate individual vials into an inventory management system for training.

Delivery information: These products require a release form for purchase. If your account does not have one on file we can not ship until we receive your release documentation.

Caution: For Training Purposes only, not for Human or Animal use
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