CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer, Beckman Coulter

Supplier: Beckman Coulter

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CA76183-348EA 175362.58 CAD
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CytoFLEX Flow Cytometer, Beckman Coulter
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This Cytometer is designed to deliver superior performance with ease of installation and operation for research applications.

Simplified system setup, data acquisition, analysis, and export of experimental results are integrated into a complete workflow solution with CytExpert software

The CytoFLEX includes 13 band pass filters which can be repositioned as needed, and it is available with different configurations to provide the ultimate in application flexibility, including optional 96-well Plate Loader. Activate the number of channels needed initially and add channels later as research needs grow.

Additional Specifications:

Violet Side Scatter Resolution: (VSSC) <200 nm
Blue Laser Wavelength: 488 nm; Power: 50 mW; Beam spot size: 5 x 80 μm
Red Laser Wavelength: 638 nm; Power: 50 mW; Beam spot size: 5 x 80 μm
Violet Laser Wavelength: 405 nm; Power: 80 mW; Beam spot size: 5 x 80 μm
Flow Cell dimensions: 420 μm x 180 μm internal diameter
Signal Processing: Fully digital system with 7 decade data display
Carryover: Single Tube Format < 1.0%; Plate Loader Format < 0.5%
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