QuikChange HT Protein Engineering System, Agilent Technologies

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
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QuikChange HT Protein Engineering System, Agilent Technologies
Protein Expression Protein Expression Systems
Protein directed evolution in just one step.

  • Discover fast, learn more
  • T300Quickly identify functional sites-codon saturation mutagenesis across the entire protein
  • Efficient design reduces screening costs
  • Only the mutations you want with all mutants retaining structural integrity
  • Time and cost savings
  • From DNA to colonies in less than 24 hours with QuikChange Lightning speed

The QuikChange HT protein engineering system provides rapid resolution of structural and functional questions by creating libraries of rationally designed mutants for applications such as single amino acid scanning, site saturations scanning, or targeted combinatorial mutagenesis.

Precisely target and mutate some or each position in 1 to 20×50 amino acid regions in less than 24 hours. Design large mutagenic libraries from as few as 100 and up to 120000 user-defined sequences with free access to mutagenesis workspace software in eArray. Discover fast, learn more.

QuikChange HT Protein Engineering System contains up to 120000 mutagenic oligonucleotides, oligo amplification primers and reagents, QuikChange enzymes and reagents, and SoloPack Gold SuperCompetent cells for EZClone.

Caution: For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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