Precision Bore PEEK Tubing, Trajan Scientific and Medical

Supplier: SGE (Trajan)
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76207-708EA 813.81 CAD
76207-708 76207-718 76207-706 76207-728 76207-716 76207-726 76207-704 76207-736 76207-724 76207-702 76207-734 76207-712 76207-700 76207-722 76207-732 76207-710 76207-698 76207-720 76207-576 76207-730
Precision Bore PEEK Tubing, Trajan Scientific and Medical
Tubing Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Tubing
Trajan precision bore PEEK tubing is designed specifically for modern LC, LCMS, and automation usage. PEEK tubing is a flexible alternative to stainless steel tubing in high pressure applications.

  • Excellent chemical resistance and inert to most commonly used solvents
  • Bio-inert and bio-compatible
  • Color-coded to industry standards for easy identification of inner diameter
  • Leach-free colorants
  • Works well with polymer and stainless steel fittings
  • Can be formed to specific customer needs

Trajan precision bore PEEK tubing ensures reproducibility in chromatographic flow rates and results, through smooth internal surface (inner walls) along with consistent, tight tolerance and precise ID's.

Accessories information: Accessories not included.
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