VWR® Horizontal MIDI S Gel Electrophoresis Systems

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
76314-798EA 1880.71 CAD
VWR® Horizontal MIDI S Gel Electrophoresis Systems
Electrophoresis Systems Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Systems
MIDI S is capable of rapidly running up to 160 samples. It is a compact, but highly efficient electrophoresis system.

  • Color-coded sealed platinum electrodes and gold plated banana plugs resist corrosion
  • Fluorescent ruler silk screened onto the gel tray
  • Gel tray has effective rubber sealed 'end gates' to allow gel pouring in the tray
  • End gates are CNC machined to ensure a perfect fit
  • Comb specifications are clearly indicated on each comb
  • Four combs are provided, two each 17 well and 34 well (1.5 mm thick)
  • Includes a safety lid with retractable sheathed leads

The MIDI S and MIDI E×W are designed for the high resolution separation of medium sample numbers and provide flat, even banding patterns and consistent results. MIDI S is capable of rapidly running up to 160 samples. The MIDI E×W system gel size, 23×14 cm (W×L) is ideal when there is a need to run a lot of samples (up-to 200) in a short distance, for example genotyping. These units compact, mid-sized but highly efficient electrophoresis systems. The systems includes all MC-compatible combs to enable rapid loading with a multichannel pipet.

The gel tray is sealed using end gates that are specifically engineered to fit into the gel tray's precision machined grooves, eliminating the need to seal the tray before pouring gels. There are six comb slots allow for 1, 2, 3 or 4 sets of samples to run equal distances simultaneously. VWR offers a wide variety of standard and microtiter combs in two thicknesses (1.0 and 1.5 mm).

Wall combs and aluminum casting dams are available for these units. The wall comb placed in one of the comb slots can be sealed using tape or agarose of a higher percentage than the gel. Casting dams can be placed anywhere inside the gel tray and due to the optimal fit and the heat conductance of the material do not need to be sealed with tape or agarose. Chamber and all other components are fabricated from cast acrylic with CNC machined parts for unsurpassed durability in the most demanding laboratories.
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