M611, Labels for BMP®61 Labeling System BradyPrinter™, Brady

Supplier: Brady
M61-130-499 M61-124-492 M61C2000595RD M61-83-499-RD M61-97-481 M61C500595GN M61C2000595CL M61C-375-461 M61C2000584YL M61-123-461 M61-83-499-OR M61C500595BL M61C2000595GN M61-202-461 M61-47-499 M61-120-492 M61C-1000-499 M61-82-492 M61C375439YL M61C2000595LB M61C1000595GY M61C2000595PL M61-83-492 M61C2000595BL M61C1000584YL M61C2000584OR M61-122-461 M61-82-499-OR M61-103-498 M61C-375-439 M61-117-492 M61C1000595CL M61C1000595YL M61-124-490 M61C2000595YL M61-204-492 M61-195-481 M61C1000595GN M61C1000595BL M61C500595BK M61C1000584OR M61-203-461 M61C1000595RD M61C-500-461 M61C2000595WT M61C-750-499 M61C1000595OR M61-194-481 M61C1000595BK M61-156-492 M61C2000595OR M61-132-499 M61C2000595GD M61-98-492 M61C2000595BR M61C1000595WT M61-82-499-RD M61-17-492 M61C-375-499 M61-203-490 M61-203-492 M61C500595WT M61C-500-492 M61-19-492 M61-201-461 M61C2000595BK M61C-500-499 M61-126-490 M61C2000584SL M61C500595CL M61C500595OR M61-157-461 M61-120-499 M61C500595YL M61-130-492 M61C500595RD M61-205-492
76359-362RL 294.16 CAD
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M611, Labels for BMP®61 Labeling System BradyPrinter™, Brady
Keep data integrity and efficiency to complement current lab workflows with high performance identification labels.

  • An expanded laboratory material line for the BradyPrinter™ M611 to meet the most common lab applications
  • Long-lasting identification with materials designed to survive harsh lab conditions

Permanent Vinyl (B-439) is a thermal transfer printable material ideal for applications needing various colors like finished product ID, rating plates, and general-purpose IDs. Designed for use in ambient conditions with limited solvent exposure. Self-Laminating Polyester (B-461) is a clear film with a matte white printable zone ideal for cables, laboratory IDs, or general labeling where graphics need to be protected. Good smudge resistance, solvent resistance, and high/low-temperature performance.

Super chemical-resistant polyester (B-481) is designed for use in the slide staining process and other laboratory IDs which require superior chemical resistance. Performs well in the commonly used H&E (hematoxilin and eosin) slide staining process. Durable Polyester (B-490) markers are designed for use in laboratory identification applications such as vials, centrifuge, tubes, test tubes, straws, and slides.

Durable Freezerbondz® Polyester (B-492) markers are designed for laboratory identification applications such as vials, centrifuge, tubes, test tubes, straws, and slides. Permanent or repositionable (B-498) CleanLift® Series Vinyl Cloth, adhesive and cloth backing offers excellent holding power, yet allows for clean removal and repositioning.

Nylon cloth (B-499) wrap-around labels are highly pliable to conform to tightly curved surfaces such as vials. Service temperature of –40 to 193 °F (–40 to 90 °C). Highly reflective B-584 material shines brightly when struck by light, which is ideal for applications where high visibility is critical.

Durable, low-shrink vinyl (B-595) with ultra-aggressive adhesive is the perfect solution for identification on rough surfaces and in harsh environment areas.
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