Zorbax CN, HPLC Columns

Supplier: VWR
ZCN-10C5 ZCN-10CM5 ZCN-50AS ZCN-150A ZCN-250AM ZCN-250A ZCN-250AS ZCN-100A ZCN-100AS ZCN-200A ZCN-250AF ZCNRP-250A ZCN-50A ZCN-100AM ZCN-125AF ZCN-125A ZCN-150AS ZCN-50AM ZCN-150AM
76402-520EA 1536.33 CAD
76402-520 76402-498 76402-530 76402-522 76402-500 76402-532 76402-510 76402-506 76402-528 76402-516 76402-508 76402-518 76402-524 76402-502 76402-512 76402-504 76402-526 76402-536 76402-514
Zorbax CN, HPLC Columns
Chromatography Columns
Zorbax spherical particles are manufactured from small extremely uniform colloidal silica micro beads which are agglutinated in a Du Pont patented organic polymerization process.

  • Spherical porous silica
  • High efficiency
  • Narrow particles and pore size distribution
  • Robust with good batch to batch reproducibility

The organic polymer is removed by a controlled sintering process to yield mechanically stable silica particles.
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