SLIPFREE™ Connector, Avantor

Supplier: Avantor®
76399-044EA 122.56 CAD
SLIPFREE™ Connector, Avantor
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SLIPFREE™ HPLC connectors offer a simple, rugged way of ensuring good column connections.

  • Void-free and leak-free connections
  • Fingertight to 10000 psi
  • Compatible with all commercially available end fittings
  • For fast, simple multiple connections and reconnections

Single connectors are used where one connection is made frequently, such as between injector and guard or analytical column, or column to detector. Flexible SLIPFREE™ connectors are designed to bend in the middle, allowing easy connections to be made at any angle.

Universal for all HPLC columns and consist of a precision-cut length of ¹/₁₆" (0.010" Int.Ø) stainless steel tubing, a Vespel ferrule and a stainless steel compression nut/locking cap assembly. Versions with 0.005" and 0.020" Int.Ø are also available for microbore and preparative analysis.
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