EZBio® Bioprocess, Single-Use, Double Bagged, Sterile Carboys, Foxx Life Sciences

Supplier: VWR International
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EZBio® Bioprocess, Single-Use, Double Bagged, Sterile Carboys, Foxx Life Sciences
Bottles Carboys
EZBio® single use carboys are available in amber HDPE, dark amber polypropylene, HDPE, polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified (PETG), and polycarbonate (PC).

  • Available in light blocking amber or clear formats
  • VersaCap® included
  • Gamma irradiated sterile
  • Double bag packaging
  • Polypropylene and polycarbonate carboys are autoclavable
  • PETG carboys are BPA-free

The VersaCap® technology and configurations increases the utility of these carboys for single-use applications. Made with USP Class VI components and gamma irradiated in the U.S., these carboys offer complete and reliable fluid transfer and storage.

Certifications: Made from a USP Class VI, FDA grade material.
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