VWR® Fast Running Electrophoresis Buffer Powder Packs

Supplier: VWR Life Science

76371-726CS 302.51 CAD
VWR® Fast Running Electrophoresis Buffer Powder Packs
Buffers Electrophoresis Buffers Running Buffers
VWR® Buffer Packs offer the ultimate in convenience, add one premeasured pouch to one liter of distilled water.

  • Buffer powder quickly dissolves to make 1L of 1X solution
  • No weighing or measuring of separate components
  • No pH adjustments required
  • Economical shipping, long shelf life
  • Quality and consistency guaranteed

VWR® Pre-measured buffer packs are extremely easy to use and are formulated so each pack makes 1 Liter of 1X buffer. Simply tear open a pack and mix completely with 1 liter of distilled water.

VWR® Buffer Powder Packs can save time and money, as there is no need to measure and weight many separate chemical components which is required when making buffers from scratch. Shipping costs are also minimal, as each case of 50 or 100 packs is compact and weighs only 2.5 Lbs.

Certifications: COA avaialble for each lot number

Packaging: Each case of buffer packs is packaged in a convenient dispenser box, which takes up very little lab space. Included in each case is an instruction insert, and a roll of stickers to label each container of prepared buffer solution.
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