VWR® 3D Nutating Mixers

Supplier: Avantor
76595-806EA 638.32 CAD
76595-806 76595-808 76595-810 76595-802 76595-812
VWR® 3D Nutating Mixers
Shakers Rotating/Rocking Shakers
VWR® 3D nutating mixers are designed for sample mixing with combined motions of an orbital shaker and 2D platform rocker. These mixers are well suited for many routine laboratory applications that require thorough sample mixing.

  • All models provide gentle yet through mixing of samples
  • Tilt angles are preset for 3D motion
  • Digital models offer variable speed
  • Continuous or time set operation with audible and visual alarms in time mode featured on digital models
  • All models supplied with dimpled matt and rubber strips
  • 2-year replacement warranty

Certifications: CE certified

Delivery information: Units supplied with dimpled rubber mat (76595-818), and rubber strips 6/pack (76595-816), instruction manual and power cord.
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