VWR® TraceClean® Wide Mouth Packers, Amber Glass

Fournisseur: VWR, part of Avantor
VWR® TraceClean®
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VWR® TraceClean® Wide Mouth Packers, Amber Glass
Bottles Water Sampling Bottles
Type III (soda-lime) glass packers are available with solid-top or open-top caps.

  • Soda-lime glass fabrication
  • Wide-mouthed design
  • Available with solid-top or open-top caps
  • Individually numbered for traceability

Solid-top caps with fluoropolymer resin liner are for use in semi-volatiles, pesticides, PCBs, and phenolics analyses.

Processed (PC) and Quality-Assured® (QA) packers follow EPA cleaning procedures listed in the OSWER Directive 9240.0-05A 'Specifications and Guidance for Contaminant-Free Sample Containers'. QA packers include a Certificate of Analysis in every case.

QA packers also include bar codes with lot number and individual container number for complete traceability. Not Processed (NPC) packers do not receive the specialty cleaning process. All cases are custody-sealed to ensure content integrity.

Open-top caps with ultrasonically bonded fluoropolymer resin/silicone septa are for use in volatile organic analysis. Amber glass is recommended for UV light-sensitive samples. Packers are prepared in a solvent-free facility to prevent possible volatile contamination.
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