VWR® TraceClean® HDPE Wide Mouth Containers, Leakproof, Natural

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
VWR® TraceClean®
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76184-830CS 185.43 CAD
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VWR® TraceClean® HDPE Wide Mouth Containers, Leakproof, Natural
Bottles Water Sampling Bottles
TraceClean® containers are used primarily for the collection of aqueous media for testing metals and a variety of inorganic parameters including alkalinity, anions, acidity, cyanide, sulfate, and hardness. Not all analytical parameters are included on the Certificate of Analysis. Please refer to the Certificate of Analysis for certified analytes and corresponding reporting limits. Secondary uses include containment and archiving.

Quality Assured® with VWR Logo Sample ID Labels (QAL) containing the Certificate of Analysis and Cleaning Protocol Form in the product case.

Quality Assured® with VWR Logo Sample ID Label products, a lot certificate of analysis is generated with the analytical results obtained including the concentration reporting limits and units of measurement. This certificate of analysis is included in each product case.

Ordering information: Container measurements and capacity 'contain' volumes may vary.
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