Oblong Bottles, High-Density Polyethylene, Wide Mouth, Qorpak

Supplier: Qorpak
PLC-03476 PLC-07195 PLC-03487 PLC-03489 PLC-03469 PLC-03478 PLA-03252 PLA-03259 PLC-03467 PLC-03481 PLC-03482 PLC-03477 PLC-03474 PLC-09004 PLC-03488 PLC-03494 PLA-03253 PLC-03495 PLC-03472 PLC-03473 PLC-09352 PLC-09005 PLA-03254
16125-989CS 135.52 CAD
16125-989 16087-186 16125-996 16125-985 16087-130 16087-184 16125-997 16125-986 16125-976 16125-987 11311-580 16125-988 16125-992 16125-993 16125-984 16196-302 11311-596 16125-990 11311-632 11311-598 16125-991 16196-299 82027-770
Oblong Bottles, High-Density Polyethylene, Wide Mouth, Qorpak
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Natural HDPE wide mouth Oblong bottles offer a space saving design for the workbench.

  • Bottles feature a wide mouth opening, ideal for sampling solids and powders
  • HDPE construction provides an excellent moisture barrier and reliable impact resistance

They are ideal for high-speed filling, demanding pharmaceutical specifications, and the rough handling of interstate shipping.

Ordering information: Bottles 16196-299, 16196-302, and 16125-976 are supplied pre-cleaned for volatiles. Bottles 11311-580, 11311-596, 11311-598, and 11311-600 are supplied Vacuumed and Ionized.
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