MegaSwat™ Mops, Micronova

Supplier: Micronova
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68400-208EA 148.98 CAD
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MegaSwat™ Mops, Micronova
The MegaSwat™ blade-style mop is ideal for cleaning around, under, or behind heavy process equipment or calibrated apparatus in the lab and cleanroom. Featuring a flexible polyethylene blade with a choice of covers. Lightweight and easy to use, the low-profile mop can be used for wet or dry cleaning or disinfecting in ISO 5 - 9 environments.

  • Single-ply and foam lined mops easily glide under and behind equipment
  • Lengths range from 8 to 36", and widths range from ⁵/₈ to 2"
  • Compatible with alcohol, strong disinfectants, and steam sterilization
  • Autoclavable covers and hardware
  • Launderable covers

The MegaSwat™ mop adapter is available in a range of lengths and widths. The adapter is designed primarily to work with the SSU series QD handles (there is a QP version for threaded handles). Corresponding MegaSwat™ mops are available with or without a foam interior and gamma irradiated for aseptic applications. The range of fabrics to match cleaning needs include: NovaPoly 100% polyester knit, which provides excellent disinfectant dispersal. PolySorb 100% textured polyester, which assists in removing residues and dispersing disinfectant. MegaTex 100% non-woven polyamide, offering slight abrasion with good absorption. Microfiber, 80% polyester/20% polyamide, absorbent wet or dry.

Ordering information: Mop cover, adapter, and handle are ordered separately. For additional handle lengths, see 68400-302 series.
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