Fixed-Compartment and Adjustable-Compartment Bins, TrippNT

Supplier: TrippNT
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Fixed-Compartment and Adjustable-Compartment Bins, TrippNT
Desk Supply Holders
Workstations and organizers for storage of commonly used laboratory items.

  • Sturdy PVC construction
  • Lightweight and easy to move

The 4-compartment bin features 14.5cm (523/32") wide compartments and includes a 20.3cm (8") deep shelf on top. The 5-compartment supply bin features angled dividers to maximize storage space. It features three 10.2Lx22.9Wcm (4x9") middle compartments, two bottom 15.2Lx25.7Wcm (6x101/8") compartments, and a small 61Lx16.9Wcm (12x621/32") shelf on top.

The 10-compartment bin features six 9.7cm (313/16") wide middle compartments and four 14.5cm (523/32") wide bottom compartments. It features a long 61cm (12") shelf on top for bottles, glassware, and other supplies.

The 13-compartment bin features six 5.1Lx10.6Wcm (2x43/16") top compartments, four 7.6Lx15.2Wcm (3x6") middle compartments, and three 10.2Lx18.4Wcm (4x71/4") bottom compartments.

The adjustable 14-compartment and 16-compartment bins allow users to change compartment sizes as supplies change. The extra-large 14-compartment bin features two large shelves — 12.7cm (5") and 15.2cm (6") deep — to store supplies upright.
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