VWR®, Cheesecloth Wipers

Supplier: Avantor
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21910-105PK 185.43 CAD
21910-105 21910-107 46610-054
VWR®, Cheesecloth Wipers
Wipes Reusable Cleaning Cloths Cloths for Delicate Tasks
Use to wipe, clean, or dry cuvettes, delicate glassware, syringes, pipets, and pH electrodes.

  • Available in convenient dispenser box or on economical bolt
  • Inert to even harsh solvents
  • Mesh size: grade 10

Cheesecloth wipers are ideal for filtering and cleaning

Wipers meet cleanliness specifications of USP and Federal Specification CCC-G-101c.

Bleached, all-purpose cheesecloth wipers are brilliant white and certified 100% pure cotton of reagent-grade quality and purity. They feature a unique combination of cleanliness, softness, absorbency, and strength. Will not scratch the most sensitive surfaces. Absorb six times their weight and absorb both solvents and aqueous solutions.

Ordering information: Wipers 21910-107 can be unfolded to approximately 17.8×35.6 cm (7×14"). Wipers 21910-105 can be unfolded to approximately 45.7×91.4 cm (18×36").
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