Vacuum Filtration Adapters, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
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89051-522EA 152.06 CAD
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Vacuum Filtration Adapters, Ace Glass Incorporated
Adapters Adapters, Joints with Tube Connectors
Aadapters are designed for reduced pressure filtration with plain-stem Buchner funnels.

  • Top accepts pluro stopper
  • Bottom ground [ST] inner joint
  • Serrated hose connection

The top is tooled to accept a pluro stopper, and the bottom has a ground [ST] inner joint. Serrated hose connection has a second ring with an outside diameter of 13.5mm (17/32"). Inserting the pluro stopper of the recommended size and the next smaller size allows use of smaller capacity funnels. For example, in a [ST] 24/25 size, insertion of 31x16mm stopper and a 22x11mm stopper will allow use of a 15mL or 30mL capacity funnel. For use with 9.5mm (⅜") I.D. tubing. Adapters are manufactured from borosilicate glass.

Ordering information: For compatible Pluro Stopper size 17x7mm, see 89075-810 series. For size 31x16mm, see 89075-814 series. For size 60x36mm, see 89075-820 series.
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