Avantor® J.T. Baker® BAKERBOND® Narrow-Pore Prep Packings

Supplier: Avantor®
BAKR7046-00 BAKR7620-03 7620-09 BAKR7028-00 BAKR7027-01 BAKR7025-01 BAKR7620-09 7068-R 7028-00 BAKR7068-R BAKR7043-01 7046-01 7025-01 7027-01 7046-00 7043-00 BAKR7043-00 BAKR7028-01 7620-03 BAKR7046-01 7028-01 7043-01 7025-00
CAJT7620-09CS 23880.39 CAD
JT7046-0 JT7620-3 CAJT7620-09 JT7028-0 JT7027-1 JT7025-1 JT7620-09 CAJT7068-R CAJT7028-0 JT7068-R JT7043-1 CAJT7046-1 CAJT7025-1 CAJT7027-1 CAJT7046-0 CAJT7043-0 JT7043-0 JT7028-01 CAJT7620-3 JT7046-1 CAJT7028-01 CAJT7043-1 CAJT7025-0
Avantor® J.T. Baker® BAKERBOND® Narrow-Pore Prep Packings
Chromatography Sorbents Flash Chromatography Sorbents
Packings for low pressure preparative and flash chromatography

These packings are chemically stable from pH 2 to 8.5. They are not damaged by the use of cleaning and antimicrobial agents such as sodium azide, dilute aqueous solutions of trifluoroacetic acid and acetic acid, organic solvents such as methanol and acetonitrile, and concentrated aqueous solutions of salts and urea. Particles for the solid phase silica gel (JT7620-1, -2, and -3) are spherical. All other packings feature irregular-shaped particles.
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