BRAND® UV-Cuvette Disposable Spectrophotometer/Photometer Cuvettes, BrandTech

Supplier: Brandtech

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BRAND® UV-Cuvette Disposable Spectrophotometer/Photometer Cuvettes, BrandTech
Cuvettes Spectrophotometer Cuvettes
These disposable UV-transparent cuvettes fit most commercial 10mm-pathlength spectrophotometers and photometers. The cuvettes are manufactured from a proprietary plastic that is transparent from 220 - 900 nm, replacing quartz cuvettes for DNA, RNA, protein purity and quantification, and other UV/visible applications, while eliminating scratching, washing and sample cross-contamination.

  • Replaces quartz for many common assays
  • Enhanced chemical compatibility
  • 70 µl minimum fill volume
  • Available individually wrapped

These cuvettes also offer superior chemical compatibility for polar organic solvents, acids, and bases, including acetone, butanone, DMF, and concentrated hydrochloric acid. Cuvettes are mold-cavity matched for the lowest variation in extinction coefficient.

Ultra-micro cuvettes are available in two z-dimensions (8.5mm and 15mm) to match the beam height of most commercial spectrophotometers

The polypropylene cuvette rack features 16 numbered positions and can be autoclaved to 121 °C (250 °F).

A 70 µl minimum fill volume conserves sample. Round caps are available for ultra-micro cuvettes to provide a plug seal for short-term sample storage. Individually wrapped BIO-CERT* ultra-micro cuvettes are DNA-, DNase-, and RNase-free, providing a purity assurance not available with quartz cuvettes.
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