VWR® CryoPro® V Vapor Shippers

Supplier: Avantor
VWR® CryoPro®
V-900 V-106 V-500 V-48
55709-230EA 12819.12 CAD
55709-230 55709-232 55709-226 55709-228
VWR® CryoPro® V Vapor Shippers
Cryopreservation Systems
Using the latest technology in hydrophobic absorbents, CryoPro® vapor shippers are designed for safe shipment of biological specimens at cryogenic temperatures.

  • Moisture-repelling properties
  • Optional shipping cases available
  • Sealed shaft prevents hazardous spurting of liquid nitrogen

Moisture-repelling absorbent allows for maximum hold times, shipment after shipment.

CryoRetriever claw-style tool (82017-944) is specifically designed for retrieving boxes, vials, and frames from cryopreservation tanks. Exclusive sealed center shaft prevents hazardous spurting of LN2 that can occur with a hollow shaft retrieval claw.

Optional protective shipping cases are available for the V-48, V-106, and V-900 vapor shippers to help reduce damage to the exterior of tanks and to discourage placing the tanks on their sides. For the V-500 vapor shipper, the protective case is included. The phase separator (55709-278) can be attached to the stainless steel transfer hose (55709-244) for increased efficiency and safety when transferring liquid nitrogen.

Ordering information: The V-48 and V-106 models include 1 canister. The V-500 model includes a blood bag rack and a protective shipping carton. The V-900 model includes 5 canisters.
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