Polypropylene Hinged Vials, Sterile, Qorpak®

Supplier: Qorpak
PLC-10037 PLC-10055 PLC-10050 PLC-10056 PLC-10039 PLC-10052 PLC-09773 PLC-09774 PLC-10045 PLC-10057 PLC-10041 PLC-10040 PLC-10049 PLC-09775 PLC-10051
93001-696CS 660.46 CAD
93001-696 93001-730 93001-698 93001-720 93001-682 93001-694 93001-672 93001-716 89204-964 93001-688 93001-678 93001-700 93001-702 93001-724 93001-718
Polypropylene Hinged Vials, Sterile, Qorpak®
Lab grade polypropylene Hinged Vials are sterile, leak-proof and airtight.

The containers are manufactured in FDA approved Class 1000 and Class 100000 clean rooms. The containers are sterile by process and for most applications do not require a second means of sterilization. The containers are physically closed in the mold as part of the manufacturing process in clean rooms using Hepa-filtration systems, guaranteeing zero particulates larger than one half micron. They are non-absorptive and non-aersoling. The flip-top is integrally hinged to the container, allowing the user to open and close the container with one hand.
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