Blocking Buffers, Rockland Immunochemicals

Supplier: Rockland Immunochemicals

B553-0500 MB-064-0100 MB-064-1000 MB-070-010 B501-0500 MB-070-010 MB-063-0100 MB-070 MB-063-1000 B501-0500 MB-070-003 MB-064-1000 MB-070 MB-070-003 MB-063-0100 B552-0500 B553-0500 B552-0500 MB-063-1000 MB-064-0100
CAB553-0500EA 125.94 CAD
CAB553-0500 RLMB-064-0100 RLMB-064-1000 CAMB-070-010 CAB501-0500 RLMB-070-010 RLMB-063-0100 RLMB-070 CARLMB063-1000 RLB501-0500 CAMB-070-003 CARLMB064-1000 CAMB-070 RLMB-070-003 CARLMB063-0100 CAB552-0500 RLB553-0500 RLB552-0500 RLMB-063-1000 CARLMB064-0100
Blocking Buffers, Rockland Immunochemicals
Buffers Electrophoresis Buffers Blocking Buffers
Use BLOTTO whenever procedures call for immunoanalytical grade non-fat dry milk

ELISA microwell blocking buffer with stabilizer is designed to block microwells coated with antigens, antibodies, or other ligands and stabilize the plates for drying. Once plates are stabilized, they can be stored for up to one year without a significant loss of signal. The near infra-red blocking buffer is designed to be used with IRDye® 700Dx, IRDye 800, Alexa Fluor® 680, and Cy™5.5 antibody and reagent conjugates.

BLOTTO A is a ready-to-use general purpose blocking agent. It is 5% non-fat dry milk in TBS. BLOTTO B is recommended for use when phospho-specific antibodies are used. It is 1% non-fat dry milk in TBS.

Ordering information: BLOTTO A (RLB552-0500) and BLOTTO B (RLB553-0500) also come with a separate vial of 0.05% Tween®-20.
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