Mini Dialysis Kit, Cytiva

Supplier: Cytiva
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Mini Dialysis Kit, Cytiva
Tubes Dialysis Tubes
Designed for efficient dialysis of small sample volumes

  • One-year estimated shelf life from manufacture date (2 to 8°C)
  • Conical tube bottom maximizes sample recovery
  • A few hours to overnight run time

Dialyzing small samples can be difficult and inefficient when the sample must be transferred into and out of dialysis bags and centrifuge tubes. The disposable tubes in Mini Dialysis Kit offer a simple solution to the handling problems of small volume dialysis.

The dialysis tubes in the kit each have a cap that incorporates a small disk of dialysis membrane. Samples are easily pipetted into and removed from the conical bottom of the tube. The capped tube is inserted into a float and then, with the cap and membrane down, placed in a stirred beaker containing the desired dialysis solution.

Following dialysis, the tube is centrifuged briefly. This brings the entire contents of the tube back to the conical bottom for maximum recovery. The dialyzed sample can be stored in the same tube by simply replacing the dialysis cap with a standard cap.

Uses disposable dialysis tubes with dialysis membrane incorporated into caps.

Ordering information: Includes 50 tubes with dialysis caps, six floats, and 50 standard caps.
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