Nunc® MicroWell™ 96-Well Plates, Polypropylene, High Volume, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
Nunc® MicroWell™
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Nunc® MicroWell™ 96-Well Plates, Polypropylene, High Volume, Thermo Scientific
Microplates HTS Microplates
Polypropylene plates have a standard 96-well format and are designed to fit standard automation equipment and robotics.

Black plates reduce background fluorescence and minimize back-scattered light.

White plates offer maximum signal reflection and minimize autoluminescence and autofluorescence signals.

Natural plates are ideal for screening, liquid phase assays and storage. They are also useful for combinatorial chemistry applications.

Blue, red, yellow, and natural plates exhibit minimum binding for hydrophilic molecules. They are ideal for sample collection and storage, library storage, and combinatorial chemistry applications.

Ordering information: Plates with round-bottom wells are supplied 10 per sleeve, 12 sleeves per case. Plates with conical-bottom wells are supplied 20 per sleeve, 6 sleeves per case. For lids and sealing films, see 73520-478 series. Bar coding is available; ask your sales representative.
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