VWR®, Tube Rotator and Rotisseries

Supplier: Avantor
10136-084EA 493.98 CAD
VWR®, Tube Rotator and Rotisseries
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The unique design of the VWR® Tube Rotator allows for a variety of tube sizes and mixing applications to be performed efficiently on one instrument.

  • Ideal for biochemistry, molecular biology, histochemistry, and clinical applications
  • Unique adjustable rotisseries allow for horizontal or vertical tube mixing
  • Safe for coldroom or incubator use

Rotisserie plates are attached to a fixed center spindle and can be mixed and matched

Placing the rotisserie plate perpendicular to the center spindle produces a simple tube rotation that is gentle enough for hybridization applications. Turning the plate parallel to the center spindle produces a more vigorous, end-over-end tumbling motion that is often required for mixing blood samples or protein precipitation. Plates can be adjusted to any position between these extremes to produce a variety of mixing levels, with no tools required.

The tube rotator is a compact, portable instrument that can be easily transported from bench to coldroom, incubator, or biological hood. The molded housing and rotisseries are designed for simple cleaning and decontamination.

The two halves of the rotisserie can be adjusted independently of one another to allow for simultaneous horizontal and vertical mixing. Rotisserie speed is fixed at 18rpm (20rpm for 230V model).

Ordering information: All tube rotators are supplied with a rotisserie assembly that holds thirty-six 1.5/2.0 mL tubes as well as 2 extra paddles for 3 x 50 mL tubes and a combination of 5 x 15 mL tubes or 8 x 5/7 mL tubes as shown. Additional rotisserie assemblies are sold separately.
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