Filter Pump

28641-001EA 227.59 CAD
Filter Pump
Pumps Vacuum Aspiration Systems
Air removal is extremely rapid

Made of brass, eliminating all possibility of rusting. Sturdy construction; held to close tolerances in manufacture. Both suction tube and delivery end are serrated to grip rubber tubing. Suction tube contains a carefully seated, hardened bronze ball valve to prevent air or water from backing up when the water is shut off or its pressure is reduced. Upper body of the pump is hexagonal for convenience in tightening to the faucet with a wrench.

Overall length: 14cm (51/2"). Attachment nipple has a 9.5mm (3/8") IPS male thread and a 6.4mm (1/4") IPS female thread for faucet attachment.

Evacuates liter of air to 28 inches of vacuum in 30 seconds with water pressure of 60 pounds. Also works with compressed air sources to 60 psi.
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